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Whether you’re painting the interior/exterior of your home,  installing new tile in your kitchen or looking to expand your living room.  Home Pro Experts is the go to source for the expertise you need to get the job done right.

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  • My room is 400 square feet, but we’re being told to order 450 square feet of flooring. Is this really necessary?

    You may need to order slightly more or less depending on the room. For example, if you need to work around stairs, a bay window, a fireplace, and a closet, you may need to have more than 10%, but if the room is square with no interruptions, less than 10% may work.

  • Can I install a Hardwood floor in any room in my home?

    Hardwood flooring can be installed on any grade in your home. If you’re installing below grade (in a basement), or over any concrete slab on any level you’d need to use an engineered floor. Engineered wood floors are manufactured with cross layers of plywood as a stable base, and then a top layer of real wood is placed on top (called a wear layer). Because these engineered wood floors are often more stable than solid wood floors, they can withstand minor moisture level changes better than solid Hardwood flooring can. The solid wood floor could possibly cup and buckle in high moisture prone areas like basements.  The one exception is that we do not recommend installing wood floors in bathrooms, as tile or vinyl flooring would be a better alternative.

  • How do I select what color to paint the inside of my home?

      • Light colors will help lighten a dark or poorly-lighted room, and provide a psychological lift. Light colors also make walls and ceilings appear to be further away, and can be used to make small rooms appear larger and more open.


      • Dark colors can give a room a dramatic look, and create a sense of intimacy. They can also make walls and ceilings appear to be closer, and can be used to make a large room appear smaller and more cozy.


      • Bright, vibrant colors will give the room a cheerful feel, and a sense of excitement.


      • Reds, yellows and oranges are warm colors. When these colors are used in a room, they make the walls appear closer, creating the illusion of a smaller room.


      • Violets, blues and greens are cool colors. When these colors are used in a room, they make the walls appear farther away, creating the illusion of a larger room.


      • Tans, greys, and off-whites tend not to attract attention, and can be used to create a restful, relaxing atmosphere. They are also easier to coordinate with other colors in the room.


      • For long, narrow rooms, paint the shorter walls a darker color. This will make these walls appear closer together, so the room will seem less like a tunnel.


    • For square rooms, paint one wall a different color, preferably the wall first seen when entering the room. This will give the room a more dramatic look and make it seem less ‘boxy’.
  • Should I have my damaged drywall repaired or go for complete replacement?

    The answer is a decisive “it depends.” A small crack or minor damage such as “nail pops” — meaning nail heads that have pulled away from the wall studs and are popping through the drywall — is fast and simple to repair. In the case of a large hole or a serious problem like heavy mold infestation, where the spores may have spread throughout the drywall, replacement is usually the best option. (And be sure to clear up the source of that mold while you’re at it! If not, you’ll just end up with more damaged drywall.)

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